About me

422300_4283328410721_1708141131_nMy name is Giacomo, I’m from Italy and since I was a child i have always had a big passion. Traveling? No, Sport..

But when I started to grow up, the wonderful city I live in was becoming smaller and smaller; I realized the life is just one, the world is just one and I understood that I wanted to see as many parts of it as possible: my second big passion was just born.

I’m a 25-year-old student, so what else should I do if not packing and unpacking my bags all the time?

I chose the name Viaggi (Travelling) “Estrosi” because this Italian adjective has several shades, like traveling during which I try to be open to every situation and to enjoy all the moments, especially not planned ones.

In this blog I’ll try to tell you what I see during my trips. They can either be very well organized or planned in the last minute, but the goal remains the same: to return home every time with a new piece of life inside of me. It can be a conversation with a person I didn’t imagined to meet, an amazing landscape or some local dishes that I would have never imagined to taste.

That’s why I’m not going to speak about some holiday villages or luxurious hotels but just about the real life, trying to tell also some interesting stories and to give some practical advice to people interested in visiting the places where I have been.

Last but not least, something about me: I love reading and cinema, especially historical movies, and I can’t spend too much time far away from the seaside.

Enjoy !